Monday, 19 April 2010

Digital Marketing to go international

During the International Entrepreneurship Conference in Riga, Latvia, I had the opportunity to exchange a lot of thoughtful insights from the entrepreneur scene in the Baltic countries. Actually Baltic Spark's main objective was to provide the knowledge, experiences and networking that inter-nationality hungry entrepreneurs need to succeed. Digital Marketing for business going international was my topic, with the objective of providing an overview on how it works differently than traditional marketing, plus an easy-to-follow scheme to create effective digital strategies I offered this presentation.

I realized that the most over valuated area by entrepreneurs was web designing itself, not because it's not important don't get me wrong, so I was glad to have included my "Website Effectiveness Dimensions" approach, trying to balance the equation between art, technical and business objectives.

My second presentation may be useful f you are interested on Social Media Marketing as well.

Most of pictures on the slides are from two great photographers: Skene and Ricardo Carreón, if you appreciate the beauty of small great things and the warmth of Latin culture you may want to check the rest of their wonderful work on Flickr

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