Monday, 19 April 2010

Social Media Marketing for entrepreneurs

Getting familiar with Social Media for marketing purposes was the core objective in developing this presentation for the International Entrepreneurship Conference "Baltic Spark" in Riga, Latvia. Once managing the local market the next big step for entrepreneurs is going international; the web 2.0 combined with Social Media offers numerous effective tactics and handful tools to achieve many objectives. But how to choose the most suitable ones without getting lost in the overwhelming jungle of offers?

Definitely is not the easiest thing considering that every single tool you find online may say it's "the one and only right solution for all your needs". Tight costs and economic downturn are the main concerns in today's entrepreneur scene, nevertheless with few euros but lot of commitment and consistence it can be done.

At the end we analyzed a nice example of a viral campaign recently launched by the Swedish government to encourage people to pay the television tax, take a look and "become a hero". If you need more strategic insights don't miss to check my first presentation about Digital Marketing for entrepreneurs.

Most of pictures are from two great photographers: Skene and Ricardo Carreón, if you appreciate the beauty of small great things and the warmth of Latin culture you may want to check the rest of their wonderful work on Flickr

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