Sunday, 1 August 2010

Digital Marketing dynamics are circular

Fast pace business environments need an agile strategy. Internet time businesses need a new approach in the way they define their strategies and organize their digital marketing activities. This small sketch on the left was my first idea to represent how digital marketing dynamics are nowadays: circular.

Within offline marketing mindset there are some few steps to follow to guide you through its process. Let’s say you are organizing an event for your clients: planning the program, choosing location, defining who’s attending, which outcome you want they to take from you; creating invitations and merchandising with the selected theme, executing all your tactics on that day; and finally evaluating what the ROI was, satisfied clients, how many new leads you got… all these activities may be summarized in this way:

Traditional Mkt Dynamics

The way you work in the digital world is actually quite different. Your marketing messages are not limited to a specific place or just one activity, and most of times are working 24/7. Since you want these messages to arrive not only to your customers but their influencers as well, you have to play in several arenas at the same time but with only one consistent image.

Of course you begin planning the strategy based on your business’ objectives, then creating your concepts and choosing the right tools to exploit them; after this the involving process could reveal itself as the longest: listening, answering and engaging consumers. You are ready to measure your initial results when something unexpected pops up, a client request or suggestion, something that you may not have considered initially but worthy to consider anyway.

What do you do? While involving and measuring you have to come back and plan how to answer that issue (and you better do it fast) and incorporate a new feature or tool to accomplish it. But were you already evaluating the first metrics? Right, since all these spheres are running simultaneously you have to adapt your company’s work processes to fit in an environment like this:

Digital Mkt Dynamics

Should you agree at this point that you couldn’t talk anymore about campaigns, with a predetermined starting and finishing timing, but about continuous engagement compromise, between your brand and your consumers. Is your brand ready to be competitive in the circular digital marketing age?

3 Responses to “Digital Marketing dynamics are circular”

James said...

Nice Graphic - The model for managing and maintaining your digital marketing is good, but to say you shouldn't talk about campaigns any more is going too far. Activity needs to orientate around themes and subjects. These can be time critical or ongoing, but they cant all be dealt with in exactly the same way. Individual audiences, themes and subject demand a campaign approach. In fact, importance of the message demands a campaign based approach

mensajes claro said...

Nice Graphic - The model for managing and maintaining your digital marketing is good

Delfin said...

I was thinking about a continue process to engage your customers over the time, with your permanent Social Media properties.

But I agree with you James, that doesn't prevent you to have activities running in fixed timing, like seasonal promotions.

It may also depend on whether you sell a FMGC product or a service. In the former emptying stuck stocks could be your objective and in the latter you want to engage for a long term relationship.

In this case your theme wouldn't be your company's main value offer? (call it Mission/Vision if you want) That doesn't change over the time.
Thanks for dropping by.

@Mensajes claro: Gracias por pasar por aqui, si quieres usar y distribuir el gráfico adelante!