Sunday, 10 April 2011

1 Moikka Suomi, 1000 Hellos London

During the last three years I have been in Finland delighting myself with saunas and frozen lakes swimming, tons of salmon and weird black candies, techy geeks and great forward thinking minds, but over all I got an amazing experience and learned tons of things from Finns and Finnish business culture.

Greatest things come in unsuspected packages. I have lived in four countries during the past ten years and really thought Finland was going to be the definitive one, but when a rare opportunity arrives you just have to grab it as it comes.

An irresistible challenge as Account Director at one of the top ten social media marketing agencies in London: 1000heads Where I’ll be working with a bunch of brilliant heads developing ideas for the most amazing brands.

No goodbyes, no farewell parties, if you know me can confirm I don’t like them. In any case they’re kinda useless because I will be back & forward London-Helsinki quite often as part of my new role.

And anyway remember we are always close to each other, as inhabitants of this Global Village that we call Internet, despite physical or political boundaries the place where we work is still -and hope it will always continue- border-free and transparent. See you around digital villagers!

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