Sunday, 30 October 2011

B2B marketing is dead

I’ve always found a bit useless when marketing people try to limit their strategies as B2B or B2C. As persons living at the 21st century dawn we are making decisions, both personal and professional, all around the clock. Whether we are purchasing to satisfy our own needs or those of our companies, it’s always a personal choice.

I have always thought that B2B decisions are personal choices. Yes, on behalf of a company, but always personal decisions influenced by own – or peers’ – opinions and in no few cases individual emotions – or aversions. You might be analytical, rational, and even mathematical on your evaluation processes; but at the end of the day you and me are humans, social beings with bloodstreams filled of hormones.

That’s why I was really pleased when I discovered the “@ work state of mind” statement made by agency gyro. It seems to me so clear, so logical, so… human approach to our marketing communications discipline. It has never been a secret but I’ve never found someone who could say it this clear:

Strategies have less to do with marketing and much more with anthropology and behavioral science 

That's why your campaign's idea has to offer that spark that emotionally connects your brand with the persons, for business or for personal decisions. I really, really love this video, hope you too.

Check it out and let you neurons be dominated by hormones:

2 Responses to “B2B marketing is dead”

PlanMill said...

Good blog, Delfin!

Arunn said...

Great Video, I don't completely agree B2B is dead, but it is certainly "dead as most people know it" :-) But the point you make about connecting emotions and designing memories is very true!